A thread is the path of execution of a process. A thread by itself, uses only a part of the memory and address space of the process in which it is getting executed. MFC provides two kinds of threads viz.Worker threads and User Interface threads. The differences between a user interface thread in MFC and [...]

    C++ by itself does not have a feature for dynamic runtime class information. But Microsoft solved this problem by providing a CRuntimeClass. This structure can be used for dynamic runtime class information, extra type checking of function arguments or when we have to write some special purpose code based on the class of an object. This CRunitmeClass is a [...]

  This article does not try to cover all possible details about debugging VC ++. It tries to add some knowledge to the VC++ programmers who are already exposed to some amount of VC++ programming and debugging. Memory dump:    Large arrays(esp. character), won’t be able to be viewed in the variables watch window while debugging [...]

   There are instances when some application errors occur in our program, it will be best to raise a generic message. This might send an e-mail message or give a beep sound or any kind of notifications. This is where user event comes into picture.      These kind of scenarios occur in most of the [...]

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