Tutorial 8: Map Tiles Introduction Have you ever played a strategy game like “Warcraft” or “Command & Conquer”?. Did you notice the map navigation? Do you know how did they (game developers) build such type of maps?. These questions and more will be answered in this tutorial. We will explain the concept of map tiles, [...]

Tutorial 7: Loading 3D files from OpenGL Introduction When you work with OpenGL you will find the environment without modeling tools. Actually, OpenGL was not designed basically for creating models; instead it is for animation and rendering. However you still able to create models with OpenGL but this will lead to long time developing and [...]

Introduction Vectors are very important in implementing games. They are used to define the direction of an object also defines the velocity which needs direction and speed. We are going to introduce the algebra of vectors, and then we will show how to use vectors in our programs by applying a simple example. An example [...]

Introduction Text is the way of delivering messages. It is a way of interactivity between the user and the game. It can be used to post messages in multiplayer environments game. Also when programming, text can be used as a tool of debugging. For example, suppose there is a function to create a line rotation. [...]

Introduction Texturing is the way of covering objects with textures. In game design sometimes it is needed to have walls with the exact appearance of the real walls, to accomplish that we have two ways, the first way is to design a model for a wall and build the detailed bricks and tiles, the other [...]

What are we doing we need to add some service to our application? Yes, we are looking all over the Internet to find some solution, which may be not found or work not just like we want. In that case, your starting to build your own implementation. Now, with Seesmic Desktop Platform you can do [...]

While building some application which creates some data and displays it to final user, you may implement some way for user to grad that data. You can store it like file, send e-mail, but one obvious decision – is to give user ability to Copy-Paste. In versions prior to Silverlight 4, when you right clicked [...]

For some reason you’ve decided to show user some photos from Flickr. You can navigate him to the other page or the Flickr main site, but that not the way it goes in Silverlight world… Flickr is an image-sharing website that provides REST-like services. You supply your parameters by tacking query string onto the end [...]

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