After the first experiment with a JMS bridge to directly connect from our FlyComet to ActiveMQ, we realized that it is not a reliable model. There are many times where you don’t have the state of activemq connections properly available. At times the connections get dropped and it is difficult to ascertain if we are [...]

There are three important steps of using FlyComet. Install and configure ActiveMQ on the PC/server where you want to run the publisher. Generally it is just a download Unzip Make sure your JAVA_HOME is set to the right folder run the ACTIVE_MQ_HOMEbinactivemq.bat or install the windows service and run the service You can access the [...]

Comet implementation in IIS is a challenging task as Web servers are not built for maintaining live connections. COMET as everyone would know is the technology for sending live updates (or server push) to the listening clients. The web servers are built as a request-response servers and not as a persistent updaters. In our case, [...]

Linux is a robust and proven opensource operating system for almost a decade now. Being a Microsoft fan, I used to ignore and try to pretend that Linux didn’t exist. But now am forced to move some of my important processes to linux. While writing one such essential program in linux, I bumped on an [...]

Sometimes native classes aren’t providing the needed functionality or works not like you want. If you are working with some 2D graphics and want to actually focus on how your’s algorithm works without some basic image manipulations – WritableBitmapEx from CodePlex. The WriteableBitmapEx library is a collection of extension methods for Silverlight’s WriteableBitmap. The WriteableBitmap [...]

There are many ways to localize dynamically, but most solutions that I’ve seen use some variation of the technique described in the Silverlight documentation, which puts localization resources in RESXes and uses data binding to bind XAML elements to localized resources. It works, but it has always left a bad taste in my mouth. For [...]

Windows Phone 7 developers trying to protect the customer’s data for every transition. In mobile phone it’s a question of life. A quick look over at – lists the following cryptographic algorithms supported by Windows Phone OS 7.0: AES HMACSHA1 HMACSHA256 Rfc2898DeriveBytes SHA1 SHA256 It would be great if we can simply use all [...]

Introduction In strategy games, the avatar is moving from a place to another, without hitting the wall or walk through a mountain. How this is done? In computer science there is some kind of branch called “Obstacle avoidance” this branch studies how the character can move on the map and avoid obstacle while he is [...]

Introduction We have presented the interface development of the Tetris game. In this tutorial we are going to introduce the core implementation of the game. First we will look at the game matrix and how to update the game with the new values updated in the game matrix. The Overall Idea We have the game [...]

Introduction Tetris game is famous and easy to play. Also its rules are few, although it has a strong game play. We will cover the implementation of the game from scratch. We will start by game design, then game interface and then game code. The game has blocks that get down from the screen top [...]

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