Win32/C++ MAPI

Extracting the e-mail addresses and the associated NT accounts from the global address list is easier to program and difficult to execute. Organizations have huge list of addresses to the tune of 50 to 100 thousands. But if the numbers are small, this sample code MAPI C++ address book can be used to extract the [...]

A windows computer will in most probability be installed with some profiles for connecting to the Microsoft Exchange Servers. This profile will contain details of the Microsoft Exchange Server name, e-mail address etc., This article MAPI C++ Enumerating Profiles explains how to extract the profiles installed in the local computer. This needs the API MAPIAdminProfiles [...]

   The Microsoft Exchange server and outlook have become indispensable in an office environment. More applications are written using MAPI to handle e-mails for several purposes. This article explains how to use MAPI to enumerate the e-mails in one’s inbox.    The first step in any MAPI environment is to initialize MAPI by calling The [...]

Microsoft Exchange Public Folders are the repositories of a lot of information belonging to the organization. Microsoft has provided a lot of COM Interfaces to work with Exchange servers and e-mail items. This C++ MAPI Public Folder article explains how to use Exchange Development Kit to enumerate and list the public folders in an Exchange [...]

In the directory where the C++ MAPI Exchange kit has been installed, go to $ExchangeSDKLibSrcExchSdkRelease and build the debug versions of the ExchangeSDKd.lib. This library when recompiled will have the proper version of MFC without any problems after recompilation for configuring C++ MAPI EDK. The ExchangeSDKd.lib is nothing but a compounded version of all the [...]