Win32 Registry

Basically this whole program depends on the registry. The registry in Windows holds the key to each and every aspects of the Windows Operating System, but only if you find them in registry and use them. Now , let us see how to manually Disable and Enable the drives using the keys in the Registry. 1.Disable/Enable [...]

   Registry is organized as a hierarchical tree. The Registry keys are folder like entries and the keys can contain string values ( REG_SZ), dword (REG_DWORD) values etc under them. This article discusses, how to Create Registry Keys, String entries, DWORD entries and set their values. Registry Key Creation using RegCreateKey:    The Registry keys [...]

Using registry has become a regular practice for all the programmers. The best way to store all configurations in the old days was Registry only. Even now System programs use registry for storing the configuration values. But the renewed vigor of XML might replace the whole concept of the Registry Configurations. Whatever be the case, [...]