Win32 Advanced

Customized Printing Dialog using PrintDlg: This article is about how to create a customized Print Dialog. Customized dialog means the customization done with the PrintDlg(..) win32 api in Microsoft Visual C++. This article will demonstrate how to add a paper control, an Owner-Draw button that displays the paper and a ComboBox, which lists the PaperSizes, [...]

Win32 File Samples article tries to explain how to read from and write to Disk files using Win32 functions. Though Win32 is not user-friendly and programmers are moving towards .Net, this could be useful in some places where a quick fix for old programs are needed. The basic idea behind having the set of functions [...]

   Environment variables are used by variety of programs. Each process loaded in Windows will have access to its block of environment variables. While windows uses the environment variables for storing values like PATH, user names etc., these data will be used by other processes running on windows. This article explains how to use win32 [...]

This piece of sample code explains how to retrieve the Logged on User and Domain name on Win NT/2000 using Win32 functions. . The function GetUserName is used for retrieving the logged on user name. The LookupAccountNameA is used to find out the domain name of the user. The following piece of code has a [...]

Unicode programming is supposed to be easier with windows. But there are certain weird instances when we need to write some weird code too. This sample presents a code written in such a situation. Usually if anybody wants to do unicode programming in MFC this is what will have to be done. 1. Make all [...]

Dll is convenient in many ways. If there are some functionalities which are expected to change over time, a Dll becomes the choice of use whether its a VB or MFC or WIN32 dll (provided the function signatures don’t change). The win32 dll is loaded by using the LoadLibrary function and the functions can be [...]