Internet is a great opportunity to show your products to the end customers, but sometimes quantity of those products is too large. New Silverlight control called PivotViwer helps in such scenarios. PivotViewer is Silverlight version of Pivot Browser presented by Microsoft Live Labs. Pivot Browser makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data [...]

Creation of RIA is always something amazing and new. Adding ability to pronounce text for end user is one of those features. In this article you will learn methods and will find links to the most new ideas in this area. Lets move on… On of the methods is COM-based objects in Silverlight. We can [...]

Saving State in Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight is a platform for creating RIA (Rich Internet Applications). There can be only one page in your application but what if you need to create a whole site or some pages with Silverlight. Or, maybe, your are programming multiform out-of-browser application. This article will provide information about how [...]

Let us look at building a GIS Silverlight application with a map control. Silverlight enables this by the DeepZoom composer and MultiScaleTileSource class which can be used to host the map (ofcourse by creating another custom control). Tile Map Service: Tile Map Service is a specification by the Open Geo Spatial Consortium which states the [...]

Recently I was involved in a project to build a GPS Asset tracking system which involved a boutique of solutions and modules to be integrated. I am planning to give a series of articles which will help people who want to build a GPS Tracking system. Use Cases of a GPS Tracking System are manifold. [...]

A HTML Host control was always an useful add on for lot of Silverlight apps. The previous HTML Host that I published on Html host blog link did have some short-comings. It did not have support for browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Opera. Though it displayed the content on these browsers invoking a javascript function etc., [...]

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