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Threading is an important part of writing applications. Before you start writing the code, you must think twice on threading. First you have to identify the tasks that can be done by threads. Second you think or innovate a way to communicate between threads. Finally you start writing the code. For example an application receives [...]

There are two categories of cryptographic algorithms: symmetric algorithms and asymmetric algorithms. Symmetric cryptographic algorithms all use the same key to encrypt and decrypt. Some symmetric cryptographic algorithms are: DES, Triple DES, IDEA or AES. The asymmetric algorithms have at least two keys, one public and one private. The sender encrypt with the public key [...]

Preface: Inter Process Communication is major Concept in Windows Programming, there are many ways using which on process is communicate with other process like Memory Mapped Files, Using Windows Messages (SendMessage and PostMessage api’s), RegisterWindowMessage , WM_COPYDATA etc. Here I am going to use WM_COPYDATA message to demonstrate Inter Process communication!. Coding and Explanation: Now [...]

   Thread is the smallest executable unit of code within an application. It is the path of execution of a process. An executing Instance of an application is a process while any specific job involving an application is the task and a process can contain many threads.    The Windows environment has the ability to [...]

   This article shows a demonstration of how to create an explorer interface on a dialog using the MFC class CSplitterWnd. An explorer interface is two controls ? Master and Slave. The master’s content is not changed but the slave?s is. In this particular project the master is a list box containing several “folders” and when [...]

Introduction Before I go in detail ,I want you to known what actually EfTidy is, EfTidy is Wrapper Component of Tidy Library and if you don’t know what is Tidy, here is little description. TidyLib is an open source utility for tidying up HTML. Tidy is composed from an HTML parser and an HTML pretty printer. The parser goes [...]

This project shows the development of a class that is useful as a reminder or to perform some tasks at a given time or time interval. The class is developed using Visual C++ MFC and won’t work in an application that does not use MFC. There are two classes. The main class is called CSchedule and the [...]

Windows timers are mechanisms that let you set one or more timers to be triggered at a specific number of milliseconds. If you set a timer to be triggered at a 1,000 millisecond interval, it triggers every second. When a timer triggers, it sends a WM_TIMER message to your application. You can use the Class Wizard to add a [...]

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