C# – Image Processing

Most scanned images contains noise in form of darker dots and disturbances caused by the scanning process. If these are not removed before the feature extraction and classification, the image may mistakenly be interpreted wrong. Salt and Pepper noise removal does just what we desire; it erases the black dots, called the Pepper, and it [...]

Why Convex Hull?    Finding the convex hull of a set of points is the most elementary interesting problem in computational geometry, just as minimum spanning tree is the most elementary interesting problem in graph algorithms. It arises because the hull quickly captures a rough idea of the shape or extent of a data set. [...]

Introduction    In this tutorial, we will create a grayscale image from a colored one. To run this application, you will need to have .NET Framework 1.1 installed. Also, to be able to follow this tutorial, you will need Visual Studio .NET installed on your machine. Creating the Program for GrayScale Image:    The first [...]

What is a Binary Image?    Binary images are images whose pixels have only two possible intensity values. They are normally displayed as black and white. Numerically, the two values are often 0 for black, and either 1 or 255 for white.    Binary images are often produced by thresholding a grayscale or color image, [...]

What is a Color Image?    It is possible to construct (almost) all visible colors by combining the three primary colors red, green and blue, because the human eye has only three different color receptors, each of them sensible to one of the three colors. Different combinations in the stimulation of the receptors enable the [...]

Brief Description: Connected components labeling scans an image and groups its pixels into components based on pixel connectivity, i.e. all pixels in a connected component share similar pixel intensity values and are in some way connected with each other. Once all groups have been determined, each pixel is labeled with a gray level or a [...]

What is Branch and Bound Algorithm? These notes follow the discussion of branch and bound algorithms in Computer Algorithms by E. Horowitz, S. Sahni and S. Rajasekaran. Here we describe a mathematical model of the process of choosing the next node to expand. This model also includes a function for deciding when to abandon a [...]

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