C# Files

Writing XML Files : Okay lets see how we can write XML files. Writing and Reading Xml files are most important because sometimes they can also be used as a database. Lets see how we can write and read xml files.  Typically, you use an XmlTextWriter if you need to write XML as raw data without [...]

Writing Binary Files : For files with known internal structures, the BinaryReader and BinaryWriter classes offer streaming functionality that’s oriented towards particular data types. The good thing about writing binary files are you cannot read the files by just opening them in the notepad also binary files can be of very large size. Lets look [...]

Why write in files ? You might be thinking that why would someone would write a file when we have all the other databases available in which we can store our data. There are many applications in which we need to backup the database or to send the data to another user through email. In all those [...]