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Obfuscator is essentially a tool that scrambles or obfuscates the MSIL code in such a way that it becomes impossible to comprehend and reverse engineer the compiled code to the original source code.

According to JMS Specification “The Java Message Service (JMS) sets the standard or rules for reliable Enterprise Messaging or Messaging Oriented Middleware (MOM).” Messaging or asynchronous messaging is a part of any Enterprise architecture now a days. A message can loosely be explained as any data interchange between different programs inside the same computer and [...]

Introduction The Equation parser is a program written in C# to parse the mathematical formulas like “12^3+log(3.45)”, the program can also solve more complex formulas like “-(5 – 10)^(-1) ( 3 + 2(cos( 3 Pi )+( 2+ ln( exp(1) ) )    ^3))”. It reads the whole formula and gives the final result. I have used [...]

For those who don’t know, NAnt is a .NET build scripting tool. It is a lot like the Java build tool Ant, so everything in this article is probably also applicable for Ant. This article assumes a intermediate knowledge of the NAnt tool. Though the purists will probably disagree, NAnt is essentially a high-level programming [...]

This article describes about design pattern namely Singleton Pattern. Let us see some of the implementation : Ist way of implementing Singleton Pattern in C#: Look into the following code and then we can run through it, using System; public class SingletonExample { private static SingletonExample instance; private SingletonExample () {} public static SingletonExample Instance [...]

This article talks about how to set a watch on a file or directory, and take custom actions when that file is modified. These tasks can be accomplished by using the .NET class FileSystemWatcher. You can watch for changes in files and subdirectories of the specified directory. The component can watch files on a local [...]

In this article, I will explain how to create and install a simple windows screensaver, similar to the Marquee screensaver; witch is installed on your system with Microsoft Windows. Screensavers are actually executable files, only difference is that they have a scr extension instead of exe. Before we begin, there are a few things to [...]

Motivation Sometimes, while programming, we find ourselves in situations where a sorted collection of (key, value) pairs is needed. C# provides a class that implements such a sorted collection: the System.Collections.SortedList class. However, in some situations this standard class may not sufice for us. Because of some restrictions or special requirements we may have to [...]

Introduction: We all are use datasets as a means of carrier of data from one layer to another. Most of the time we are using weakly typed datasets. In this article I will explain the differences between weakly typed datasets and strongly type datasets. Untyped DataSets Untyped datasets are hard to maintain since the developer [...]

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