ASP .Net Miscellaneous

ASP .Net Web Parts framework contains a set of controls that help in organizing a portal page in a way that provide users of the portal flexibility to customize the appearance, content, and behavior of its contents directly from a web browser.   The changes made are then saved for the user and recalled for [...]

Introduction: Datagrid is one of the most coolest controls in the One thing that all developers need is to put the data grid data into excel sheet. In this article I will show you that how you can export your datagrid data to Excel file, Word file and also Text file. Exporting datagrid to [...]

Disabling Mouse clicks while processing using Javascript We had an ASP.NET page and user can select something in dropdown and press Submit button and depending on that some data is displayed in datagrid. The issue is before even the data comes back the user selects some other value in dropdown and presses “Submit”, which we [...]

Introduction: I post a lot on forums, most of the times answering questions and sometimes asking questions. Q1: How do I open a new window from the server side code? You can open a new window from the server side code by attaching the attributes to the server controls. Let’s see that how you [...]

Introduction: Application Architecture is the most important process of developing a good application. Some people tends to jump into coding without any architecture laid. Later we see those people changing the architecture and finally the application had to be developed from the scratch with the correct architecture. In this article I will describe some details [...]