ASP .Net DataGrid

Introduction: We are all familiar with Datagrid control’s bound and template column. Usually we build columns using property builder. In this article I will show that how you can programmatically create bound and template columns of datagrid. Why create columns programmatically? There are lot of situations where creating columns programmatically is more beneficial than creating using [...]

Part II Introduction: In the last article we saw that how we can collect all the selected values from the datagrid control using checkboxes and append it in the stringbuilder object. In this article we will see that how we can put multiple values (which we have already collected) into database. This article will demonstrate [...]

Part I (Selecting Items from the datagrid) Introduction: We always come across situations when we need to insert multiple records in the database in one shot. Off course there are many ways that you can insert data in the database but some methods are more efficient than the other. In this article we will look [...]

Paging, Sorting, Deleting: Introduction: In this second and last article we will see some of the most commonly used features of the datagrid web server control. In this article we will see some more features of the datagrid control. This article will be focused on the Paging, Sorting and deleting functions. Read the Previous Article [...]

Introduction: framework ships with many usefull controls. These controls makes the life of developer easy by providing them with the functinality they want.  Among those many controls is the DataGrid control which helps the developer to display the data on the screen in the format of an arranged table. Datagrid is one of the 3 templated [...]