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Introduction          In order for you to follow this tutorial, you will need to have .NET Framework , Visual Studio .NET installed on your computer and IIS server installed and configured. Getting to work          In this article, we are going to use validation controls provided by ASP .NET in order to force the user [...]

Introduction: Validation is important part of any web application. User’s input must always be validated before sending across different layers of the application. In this article we will take a look at the validation controls provided by Required Field Validator: Required field validate control is used on controls where user must enter some data. [...]

Introduction: provides many server controls which ease the development process for the developer. These controls include input controls like TextBoxes, Button controls and complex controls like DataGrid and Calendar. All the server controls have one common process which is known as postback. Postback is when we send the request from the user back to [...]

Introduction: Security is one of the most important component of any application. Security is even more important when you are making a web application which is exposed to million of users. provides classes and methods that ensure that the application is secure from outside attacks. In this article we will investigate the Forms authentication [...]

Caching is an important part of web technology. The success of any web application is based on two major factors, Security and web applications performance. In this article we will try to look into increasing application performance by means of caching. This article focuses on caching in ASP.NET web application. When Caching is applied to [...]

Introduction: Developing mobile applications has never been easier than before. With the advent of Microsoft’s .NET technology, we are given a choice of language to use that we are familiar with. One of the most fascinating and powerful language is C#. Unlike C++ which is designed to be a low-level platform-neutral object oriented language, C# [...]

   The ASP .Net is proved to be a worth while time spent by programmers to create applications, by providing a very rich Framework Class Library (FCL), Performance tuning, Security, Manageability etc., It has been said and written that ASP .Net follows a compiled execution model.  Sometimes we used to get some doubts about whether [...]

I’m Going to explain now on some Control tip and tricks which will help and increase the speed of the webpages. 1.Smart navigation Smart navigation is a little-known Internet Explorer feature that enables the individual controls on your Web forms to maintain focus between postback, as well as allows you to suppress that flicker that [...]

   A DropDownList is also commonly known as combo box. It can contain multiple data members, but unlike a normal list box the users can choose only one value from this control. Though the functionality of this DropDownList is much like a Single Row Select List Box, a DropDownList can save a lot of GUI [...]

   This article explains how to use code behind model while programming in asp .net. This feature in asp .net enables us to separate the user interface elements from the application logic. The user interface or GUI tags are kept in the .aspx page and the business logic or functional code can become a part [...]

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