ASP .Net Advanced

Introduction This article introduces you to creating custom bitmaps from an input string. The code for this article is written in C# and ASP .NET, and for the application to run on your machine, you must have .NET Framework 1.1, IIS (Internet Information Services) with Front Page Extension installed and configured. Also this code requires [...]

Introduction: In one of the previous articles we saw that we can use the web.config file to save our connection string. We also talked about the advantages which comes down to easily altering the connection string if it changes in the future. What we did not talked about was encrypting connection string. When we store [...]

Exception handling is an in built mechanism in .NET framework to detect and handle run time errors. Exceptions are defined as anomalies that occur during the execution of a program. The .NET framework provides a rich set of standard exceptions that are used during exceptions handling. Exception handling is one of the major feature provide [...]

Introduction: RSS stands for (Really Simple Syndication). Basically RSS feeds are xml files which are provided by many websites so you can view their contents on your own websites rather than browsing their site. Suppose you are a movie lover and you want to get the list of top 5 movies from 10 websites. One [...]

Web User control or the .ascx file in asp .net is a replacement for the include file feature in ASP. It actually is a positive evolution from the asp model. Classic asp had used .inc file and included it wherever we needed it. Though this model is also similar, Web User Controls have a lot [...]

What is Web.Config File? Web.config file, as it sounds like is a configuration file for the Asp .net web application. An Asp .net application has one web.config file which keeps the configurations required for the corresponding application. Web.config file is written in XML with specific tagsĀ having specific meanings. What is Machine.config File? As web.config file [...]

Introduction System.DirectoryServices namespace can be used to access Internet Information Service(IIS). You can create, delete and change the properties of web servers, virtual directories, directories and files. Also you can invoke IIS methods. This article will tell basic concepts about IIS Metabase and some programmatic administration of IIS. The programmatic administration will include a tip [...]

If you plan on distributing your application to an international audience, there are a number of things you’ll need to keep in mind during the design and development phases. Even if you don’t have such plans, a small effort up front can make things considerably easier should your plans change in future versions of your [...]

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