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Abstract: This article is about sorting and mostly similar to the jqGrid Paging article explained earlier. Objective: The sorting from the client side need not be explained as it is quite easier to find and it works automatically with tableToGrid if a value for sortname is specified. Let us check how we can sort from [...]

Abstract: This is a followup article after how to load jqGrid. Paging in jqGrid is infact simple, but a separate article might help in clearing everything for users. Objective: We will reuse the data and class named as Person with regularly used data types like String, DateTime, int. We also have a class PersonRepository which [...]

Abstract: jqGrid had been one of the most powerful grids in the HTML world now. It is quite versatile in the offering of features that it competes on part with a lot of other commercial grid solutions. Though it is easy to get started with jqGrid, a few steps are tricky in jqGrid. Though there [...]

After the first experiment with a JMS bridge to directly connect from our FlyComet to ActiveMQ, we realized that it is not a reliable model. There are many times where you don’t have the state of activemq connections properly available. At times the connections get dropped and it is difficult to ascertain if we are [...]

There are three important steps of using FlyComet. Install and configure ActiveMQ on the PC/server where you want to run the publisher. Generally it is just a download Unzip Make sure your JAVA_HOME is set to the right folder run the ACTIVE_MQ_HOMEbinactivemq.bat or install the windows service and run the service You can access the [...]

Comet implementation in IIS is a challenging task as Web servers are not built for maintaining live connections. COMET as everyone would know is the technology for sending live updates (or server push) to the listening clients. The web servers are built as a request-response servers and not as a persistent updaters. In our case, [...]

Custom controls can also be created by deriving from an existing control. This is done when an existing control serves most of the purposes, but lacks in one or few small features. This can be created as follows. Creating a Derived Custom Control: Create a new project of type Web Control Library. Add a new class file named [...]

A choice towards a composite control is made when there is a need for a group of controls to perform a particular action in sync. Also it is going to be used in many projects. For example if we want a calculator UI to be made, then it needs a text box, a number of [...]

Introduction: User controls is a new feature that is added in For those who are familiar with the classic asp programming you will find user controls acting much like the include files. The main purpose of the user control is to divide the parts of the pages which are being used on many pages. [...]

Introduction: We all have used Web Server Controls like datagrid, textboxes, buttons and calendars. But have you ever thought of making your own custom web server control. In this article we will develop a very simple email server control that will let you send emails to the users with a static message. Getting started: For [...]

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