Application Blocks

Introduction: Microsoft introduced Enterprise Library in January 2005. Many companies have migrated their code from the independent Application Blocks to the Enterprise Library Blocks. In this article I will introduce the Caching application block which is part of one of the blocks shipped with Enterprise Library. Adding the reference: First thing you need to do [...]

Introduction: Every now and then we need to catch exceptions and perform actions on that exceptions. If you have noticed there is always a common pattern in handling exceptions and than recovering from the exceptions. Let’s see a common pattern of handling exceptions. decimal num = 9; decimal den = 0; try { decimal result [...]

Introduction: All the web applications needs some data that is to be available for the whole application. Usually this data is put in the web.config file. Sometimes writing information in the web.config file is tricky since its an xml file and writing information manually can be dangerous and may contain errors. Microsoft introduces “Configuration Application [...]

Introduction: Before you even think of writing a simple line of code you must architect the application so that if behaves as you expect it to. If you start building the application without making the architecture first than you may face many problems that will be very difficult to handle. A good application must have [...]

Introduction: Microsoft .net framework consists of ADO .NET which enables the developer to interact with the database. ADO .NET provides many rich features that can be used to retrieve and display data in a number of ways. Apart from the flexibility provided by the ADO .NET, sometimes we find ourselves repeating the same code again [...]