Obfuscator is essentially a tool that scrambles or obfuscates the MSIL code in such a way that it becomes impossible to comprehend and reverse engineer the compiled code to the original source code.

This is a sample snippet which can be used for notification across our winforms or console applications. Most of the time we’ll need a simple snippet which can do the job of pushing notifications across your applications. All we have to do is to just create a typed or un-typed delegate which will be used [...]

A Broadcast receiver in Android is capable of receiving different notifications from inside and outside the processes.  This is a very simple code snippet for those who are searching for A Scheduled Broadcast receiver in android using setRepeating or setInexactRepeating timer calls. I could find a number of articles & questions with lots of information. [...]

Introduction: This article is targeted to be a tutorial of how to use Memcached caching server in .net, as well as a reflection of Microsoft’s asp .net’s caching techniques. Caching – the Old Picture: It took a long time for me to realize that the Caching services provided by Microsoft till .Net 2 are actually [...]

Abstract: This article is about sorting and mostly similar to the jqGrid Paging article explained earlier. Objective: The sorting from the client side need not be explained as it is quite easier to find and it works automatically with tableToGrid if a value for sortname is specified. Let us check how we can sort from [...]

Abstract: This is a followup article after how to load jqGrid. Paging in jqGrid is infact simple, but a separate article might help in clearing everything for users. Objective: We will reuse the data and class named as Person with regularly used data types like String, DateTime, int. We also have a class PersonRepository which [...]

Abstract: jqGrid had been one of the most powerful grids in the HTML world now. It is quite versatile in the offering of features that it competes on part with a lot of other commercial grid solutions. Though it is easy to get started with jqGrid, a few steps are tricky in jqGrid. Though there [...]

Silverlight is an interesting RichUI for delivering applications over the web. Silverlight also has an option for socket communications starting from 4031 etc., for about 30 ports. So we also have the option of delivering live updates for silverlight over network sockets which would be very efficient live updates. But currently we are restricting ourselves [...]

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